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           The Govt. of Sikkim views, the Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) as a very important constituent of a strategy for  ensuring availability of monthly quota of foodgrains to the population of the State with special emphasis to the families living below the poverty line. The State Government is fully committed to implement the Targeted Public Distibution System to the best of its ability through the Food & Civil Supplies Department as the implementing agency for best advantage of the beneficiaries with full transparency, efficiency and accountability of the authority implementing the programme.

            The office of the Food & Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department which is the implementing agency of the Targeted Public Distribution System is housed in the 1st and 2nd floor of the Secretariat Annexe-I building  located at Sonam Tshering Marg, Gangtok. The Department is headed by the Secretary, one Joint Secretary and other functionaries both at the head office, districts, Sub-divisional and godown levels. The Department has four district offices at Mangan in North district, Gangtok in East district, Namchi in South district and Gyalsing in West district for smooth lifting and distribution of foodgrains under TDPS and essential food  commodities throughout the state. The DCSOs   are supported by Inspectors, Sub-Inspectors and Assistant Sub-Inspectors. For ensuring smooth and effective dispatch of foodgrains from the Food Corporation of India Depots at Rangpo and Jorethang, the Department has set up its office at Siliguri.

The Department is involved in rendering the following important responsibilities:
1. The Primary function of the Department is procurement of foodgrains and other essential commodities from Food Corporation of India Depots and other authorized agencies for distribution of foodgrains to the citizens under Targeted Public Distribution System and ensuring availability of all other essential commodities at appropriate prices throughout the state.
  At present, TPDS benefits the poorest of the poor identified families under various schemes and other population living below the poverty line identified as such with the norms approved both by the Central and State Governments.
  The State Government has formulated several guidelines for identification of families living below the poverty line including AAY families by holding Gram Sabhas at the block levels with direct involvement of the entire population of the block, Panchayat Members under the direct supervision of the concerned District Collectors.
A B.P.L families should not:
1. have any or all the members in regular service of State Govt./Public Sector undertaking
2. have a retired Govt. servant eligible for getting pension. (However, mere receipt of Old Age Pension does not debar a family from being eligible for BPL benefits, if the economic condition of the family is considerable.)
3. get the benefit even if the members of the family are employed on M. R. basis unless the overall economic condition is deplorable due to number of persons in the family, no other sources of income, etc.
4. be in possession of Taxi/Private Vehicles in the name of any of the family members.
5. be in possession of a dwelling house/building let out partly or in whole fetching more than Rs. 2500/- per month as rent.
6. have any or all the members as registered/enlisted Govt. Contractor in Class I, IA, 2, 2A, 2B and 3 with the work-in progress or with sound socio-economic base.
7. have a shop run by the members of the family which gives sustainable returns to the family for its maintenance. ((However, if the shop is of very small scale, an the overall condition of the family is deplorable and case can be an exception for inclusion in the BPL List)
8. be in possession of good cultivable land with substantive production for maintenance of basic need of the family.
9. be a family which earns good returns by producing cash crops like cardamom, orange, fruit orchards, floriculture and undertaking poultry, piggery, dairy farms, etc.
10. be in a possession of means of modern amenities like telephone, scooter/Motor-bikes, Washing machine, Refrigerator, etc. which gives evidence of sound economic base of the family.
  Households headed by widows or terminally ill persons/physically challenged persons/persons aged 60 years and aboce with no assured means of subsistence or social support, person earning their livelihood on daily basis in the informal sector and all primitive tribal households - fall under BPL category.

Persons not falling/covered under the above criteria are requested to surrender their BPL Ration Cards to enable to genuine BPL beneficiaries to get their due share. The  Secretary, FCS & CA Deptt. has requested all Secretaries and Head of Deptts. to ask regular Govt. employees to withdraw his/her name, in case it has been wrongly included in the scheme and to view non-compliance thereof seriously and to initiate disciplinary proceeding against him/her.


For the benefit of the identified families living below the poverty line, the State Government implements the following schemes under Targeted Public Distribution System.

  DIS  Sl. No. Name of scheme Targeted beneficiary Eligibility Number of Beneficiaries
  1. Mukhya Mantri Antyodaya annadan Yojana(MMAAY) Poorest of the poor from the 43,428 BPL families 35Kgs. of Rice per family free of cost 9914 Families
  2. Below Poverty Line (BPL) Population estimated to be living below poverty line (41.43% of 5.40 lakhs) 35Kgs. of Rice at Rs.4 per Kg for BPL 26,914 Beneficiaries
  3. Expanded
Antodaya Annadan Yojana (AAY)
Extremely poor people selected from BPL list, 6600 families are covered 35 Kgs. of rice at Rs.3 per Kg. 6600 Families
  4. Annapurna Scheme Helpless and aged person above 65 years of age 10 Kg. of rice free of cost every month 2500 Beneficiaries
  5. Welfare Institutions Inmates/Residents in Welfare institutions who are provided with free meals Rs. 4 per Kg. rice Inmates/residents in  Welfare Institutions
  6. Wheat Schemes All people who are enlisted to fair price shops Whole meal Atta @ Rs. 8.92/Kg All beneficiaries

The Planning Commission of India has estimated that 41.43% of the population of Sikkim fell under the below  poverty line. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution allots 942 MT of rice to Sikkim under this scheme. The people who fall under this category are  26,914  and are provided 35 Kgs. of rice at the rate of Rs. 4/- per kg. This is distributed through the nearest Fair Price Shops. Special Cards have been issued to the beneficiaries.

  II). Mukhya Mantri Antodaya Annadan Yojana (MMAAY)
    The poorest from the B.P.L. families have been further identified for the Antodaya Annadan Yojana under which the beneficiary is entitled to 35 Kgs. of rice per family per month at the rate of Rs. 3/- per kg.
    However,  the State Government has rechristened this scheme as  Mukhya Mantri Antodaya Annadan Yojana from 23rd August 2003 and provided them with 35 kgs of rice free of cost and a total of 9914 families are covered under this scheme.
    Under this scheme 35 kgs of rice is provided at the rate of Rs. 3/- per kg to  the poor families   selected from the B.P.L.  list. 6,600 families are covered under this scheme.
    Under this scheme, helpless aged persons above the age of 65 years who have no one to support them are provided with 10 kgs of rice free of rice of cost every month and 2500 beneficiaries are covered under the scheme. The beneficiaries lift their quota direct from the food godowns.
    Under the scheme, the State Government provides 35 kgs of rice @ Rs. 4/- per kg to the economically marginal families who could not be covered under the B.P.L. beneficiary list. Under this scheme, rice is purchased at Rs. 830/- per quintal from FCI and the subsidy of Rs. 5.15 per kg is borne by the State Government.
    Inmates/residents in Welfare Institutions who are provided with free meals are provided rice at the rate of Rs. 4/- per kg under this scheme. Beneficiaries lift their requirement directly from Government Foodgrains godowns.
    The state is allotted 245 MT of wheat by the Central Government which is  ground into whole meal Atta and is distributed through  Fair Price Shops @Rs.8.92/Kg.
    The State Government has introduced computerized individual ration cards with photographs to avoid bogus cards in the state. An individual above the age of five years can obtain a Ration Card by submitting any of the following documents:
    Voter's Identity Card
    Certificate of Identification/Sikkim Subject
    Latest Attested copy of Land Parcha showing ownership of Land; and
    Surrender Certificate of ration card from other states
    The Department of Food,Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department has a separate Enforecement Wing headed by a DCSO who is entrusted to conduct regular inspections and checking of Fair Price Shops. Besides that DCSO of the District and Concern Food Ins    are the authority for checking. During the inspection, the quality and quantity of rations being supplied, smooth functioning and dealings of the Fair Price Shop owners are to be checked. The Fair Price Shop shall be checked not less than once in a month.
    1. State Level Vigilance Committee:
a. Hon'ble Minister, Food , Civil Supplies & CA - Chairperson
b Secretary, FCS&CA - Member Secretary
c. Secretary, Rural Management & Dev. Deptt. - Member
    2. District Level Vigilance Committee:
a. Zilla Adhakshya - Chairman
b. District Collector - Member
c. DCSO Concerned - Member Secretary
d. Concerned District Development Officer - Member
    3. Block Level Vigilance Committee:
a. Concerned Zilla Sadhashaya - Chairman
b. Concerned Panchayat - Member
c. Head Master of a Primary School/Junior High School - Member
    4. Panchayat Level Vigilance Committee:
a. Panchayat President - Chairman
b. Concerned Food Incharge - Member Secretary
c. Concerned Panchayat - Member
d. B.P.L. Card Holder - Member


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